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this website is a preview of both the air-dynamics ad 355 and the new 360-cor!


due to renewed interest in the ad 355 it now has it's own website.  the ad 355 can be built on any fiero chassis, either with or without a 3" cradle stretch to obtain exact wheelbase length.  check with other builders to see pros and cons of doing this.


the first version of the 360-cor will be based off of a pontiac fiero platform.  the engine cradle of the fiero will have to be relocated nine inches rearward to achieve the correct wheelbase.  the frame itself will not be cut as the extra space will come from the trunk area.  at this time the fiero-based 360-cor will only be produced as a spider model.


currently we have prices, a build
manual and contact pages published.  any build pics from various customers would be appreciated.


please note:  no convertible tops will be made or furnished!  the panels for the fiero will be produced!  however, no installs will be done by air-dynamics!  in other words, no turnkeys or partial turnkeys will be built.

  the page is still under construction and i will be asking for content submissions from viewers.  if you have build photos, manuals, tips, parts, advice and so on, please contact the webmaster about giving us  permission to post them.    

the second version of the 360-cor will be based off of a corvette convertible platform, years 1999-2005.  the front and rear wheels will have to be moved back several inches and a rear cradle constructed or obtained to create a mid-engine mount.  the center passenger cockpit is already the correct size and proportion for the 360.  the convertible top will be fully functional!


the ad355 site has a ms word doc file of brastic's build up.   lots of great tips, tech ideas and so on.  check it out!


a 2005 corvette convertible has been acquired to build the 360-cor panels.


webmaster:  f16vet@yahoo.com


see the ad360-cor website for prices, etc.


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